Civil and Structural Solutions that are Economical and Feasible

About Our Company

Civil and Structural Design Solutions Limited are a civil and structural engineering consultancy company based in Bexleyheath, Kent working throughout the South East and London.


We specialise in structural alterations and extensions to existing housing. Our aim is to give you guidance from the earliest stage of your project providing sound civil and structural engineering advice and provide economical and feasible solutions to help you stay within your budget constraints.


Our team have many years of structural experience in complex civil and structural design and construction, and are equipped to take on any design challenge.


We also offer many other services within the civil and structural industry, please look at Our Services page for more information.



Friendly Professional Service


Our team will become directly involved in your project design and planning giving you a hands on approach. We aim to be available at all times to ensure that if you ever run into diffuclty on site we are there to advise you and give guidance of the options available to you.


 Our Team

Simple and Innovative Solutions

We propose simple cheap solutions to civil and structural engineering challenges but can provide innovative solutions where we think they suit the scope and budget of your project.


Our expert team have the experience to help you define project requirements from the very beginning, thus ensuring efficient planning and organisation of your project.